Gurney Productions vs ITV

Below are some recent articles regarding a lawsuit between ITV and Gurney Productions.  The key topics discussed are

  • Placing directors on temporary leave during an internal investigation
  • Dismissing directors
  • Breach of a contract between a parent company and its subsidiary

Founders put on temporary leave –  (Author M.Sweeney @Guardian) 

 Dismissal of founders and fraud lawsuit  – (Author N. Andreeva @ Yahoo News)

Relevance to Evestar 

  • What is the best approach for Evestar to manage an internal investigation?
  • Is Denny in a position to misuse Evestar’s money to benefit How Music?
  • How would Everstar handle a lawsuit filed by a TV network?
  • Are there ethical issues to consider in the GP vs ITV case that are relevant to Evestar?

Please leave your comments below and email for mock questions


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