Exam tips for CIMA Intergrated Case Study exams

As the case study exam day is fast approaching we’re going to share our top tips to help you pass the exams

  1. Remain calm – the first question might be a topic that you didn’t prepare for and might make you sweat a little. Don’t panic! Breath and count to five. This allows your brain to settle so that you can start preparing your answer.
  2. Understand the questions asked –  you might be asked to complete 3 tasks.  Highlight the tasks and use them as headings. That way you won’t forget to address a task and lose marks.
  3. Structure your answer – planning is essential. Spend 5 minutes planning how you will address the question. Write down the key topics that you want to include in your answer.
  4. Address the questions asked – this exam is about addressing the specific questions asked by the examiner.  Do not waste your time answering questions that you wished the examiner had asked.
  5. Don’t waffle – make your points clear and simple to for the examiner to understand.


Please feel free to leave your comments below.


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